Monthly Archives: March 2011

Solitaire Addiction & Microphone Dynamics


It seems that Ppeogigayo has been having some issues recently with this game, and an inability to stop playing it, both versions.
We apologize for this inconvenience as it will make the development of this blog much slower. But scheduled programming will resume… eventually.

But, until then…

On another note (oh so “punny”), I was watching Wheesung on Music Bank the other night and learned something about vocalists – They have a cheat method to dynamics! Only singers get the opportunity to move the microphone farther away from their face to make intense belting not overpowering. I’m still not knocking his beautifully intense singing, though I am jealous of this.
Can you move the mic for a trombone? No.
Can you move the mic for a clarinet? No.

So us two are pretty screwed as far as that goes, and all you vocalists that adjust your mics… I’m watching you.