Is it bad…


That fanfic sites scare me a little greatly.

I decided to venture to a fanfiction site for some research, since I hear some rather odd things, but I was rather astonished… ok fuck it, I “lol’d” my ass off. Then I was rather disturbed. But only after dying on the floor with my diaphragm about to explode.

My credit to whoever you are out there that writes them – at least the ones that understand basic grammatical construction. Oh dear, I had to keep skipping ones where the authors still do not understand the process of choosing their “your,” “you’re,” “their,” “they’re,” and “there” for the given situation, but, what can you expect; it’s the internet. I’m not perfect, but I attempt at least.

Now it’s not the writing itself that scares me, but the topic of the writing. To begin with, I just decided to look up a kpop fanfiction site, since I have never read Naruto and half the fiction ANYWHERE seems to be about this manga. I at least have the capacity to navigate a kpop site.

Now, ladies, and you fanboys out there, I know these guys caused all this weirdness themselves…


SO FUCKING CONFUSEDBut the sheer majority of man on man in these stories is ridiculous, redonkulous really. Yes, all the fanservicing means they deserve it, but these writers are really intense about story writing focused on these idols.

I started making a tally of the top couples (based on four different websites) and here they are:


[Edit: Nevermind; I am too disturbed from browsing these stories to even bother disclosing the list I sacrificed peace of mind for. Sorry guys. :<  ]

The second most popular subgenre seems to concern foreigners moving to Korea and it turning into a romantic affair.

I just don’t know anymore. Are there any non love stories that fans write about, at least in kpop, since my short researching didn’t span very far?

And don’t even talk about “m-preg.” Oh my god sun, that was the largest dose of awkward I’ve had in a while.


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