The Jazz Cafe


Upon being asked whether or not I understood Jazz, I answered “Ask me in ten years, and I still won’t understand it all.”
The kid that asked me snobbishly laughed and fixed his blazer, yes blazer, saying something along the sentiment of “Of course a girl not rich and privileged like me could understand such a complex matter.”

The only retort I needed to make was:
“You do understand that jazz was created by the lower classes of society, don’t you? I already understand it better than you.”

This is a random memory that just popped in my mind, and I felt the need to share it. No it did not transpire in a Jazz cafe, I just felt the title befitting since I’m listening to jazz and drinking coffee late at night.  I have an inkling that this child has never sang nor picked up an instrument in his life, thus making an entirely ignorant statement and yet he’s the one that is allowed into a supposedly higher level of education. I think not. For the most part. Private schools, at least in this area, equals money. Nothing more, nothing less. I bet I’d kick well over half the school population’s asses in any standardized testing, as that’s the only way things seem to be compared anymore.

Sheesh, so much negativity at this early hour of 1:59 AM!



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