Ooh Babe! (Be ready for a large picspam…)


We decorated our dorm last week. It is now officially covered in kpop posters. Big Bang, GD&TOP, JYJ, 2PM, Park Jung Min, we got it (there are also most likely more to come as well). Of course there are also posters for Tron Legacy, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Jimi Hendrix, Sublime and the Museo del Prado.

The best wall additions, however, are the military issue Land Warrior M45 Biological Gas Mask and a cardboard cut-out of Wesley Snipes. Combine these with the posters and anyone that walks into our dorm without knowing us is like…tumblr_lj7sf2yQwE1qgx6r4

“Why all the chicks? Oh wait they’re guys?   They look gay…”

Why did this happen?

While we think:

Ignorant fools.

“The hell? They’re not gay  and they’re not girls! They’re beautimous!”
(And then go on to find proof such as…)

Mirotic Gtfo please. OMG DO WANT IN SO MANY WAYSso sleepychic The sexy stare. OMFG Y WE NEVER SEE THIS?!  YOU NEED THIS (SO WISH I WENT TO THE CONCERT)  OH WHEESUNG Y U SO FINE?! Stripping: You're doing it right  baby1yBefore U Go is still awesome OMGJAEShynessMakes me think of Christian BaleTHAT FACESHOW OFF

And if they still wanna argue…


You bet! Bitch goin down!!!

Point Justified.

When the see the gas mask on the other hand and look like:

da fuck???

We really have nothing to say. It’s just there.



A/N: Sorry for the lack of roundness in the pics. I just had a bunch of TVXQ sitting in my unorganized main folder, so they were these were the first things I saw.


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