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Dreamslang: the combined forces of Sueño and Ppeo for dual blog activities.

Defining Terms: Emoshinki


Emoshinki: (noun) (“emoshinkiing v.) 1. The waterfall of feels bursting forth from the dam of stoic facade upon viewing poignant OT5 or currently apart OTPs videos, images, songs, etc. 2. A completely legitimate way to aid exam preparations, through cathartic and depressing emotional exposures which ensure sleepless nights and increased study productivity. 3. The deepest depressions of life, or what happens during these periods. 4. THIS 5. The exact feelings upon watching this video or listening to any version of the song.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

Defining Terms: Jensen Ackles


Jensen Ackles: noun (proper)1. A god. Not the God, because Morgan Freeman is God.. 2. Dean Fucking Winchester. 3. A man with a voice that, by itself, can induce orgasms, thereby ravishing the ears. 4. Makes a hot ass couple with Misha Collins in a way that no one can hope to compare because the attraction is supernatural. 5. Oh damn, if only he was an identical twin back in the day on Days of Our Lives. That shit makes television ratings. 6. One who’s PETA ad is about the only thing that can make one even consider giving up chicken, but there’s still one cock up for eating in the case of vegetarian conversion.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

(Letting you look at this until we have a good enough macro. TAKING SUGGETIONS/SUBMISSIONS)

Defining Terms: Yunjae Edition


When your couple fandom outlives the rather controversial breakup of the band… you know you’ve crossed the line between bromance and romance.


Yunjae: noun (-ing, verb). the relationship between two very attractive and famous males that transcended friendship, membership and brotherhood into something more gratuitous than mere fanservice; such a relationship can and has, at least in the eyes in shippers, survived a messy band breakup. Instances include, but are by far not limited to, ass groping on multiple occasions, copious references to innumerable fanfictions and photoshop jobs including said males, and very blatant touching in inappropriate places, even in public, on camera, and over cockblocking maknaes.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.


You know you’re a Jaywalker when…


You see a video by Victor Kim of a world b-boy championship in Seoul and spot Jay Park from behind by nothing more than the way he moves his feet while in the heat of battle b-boying. Then decide that it’s him afterwards based on his cap placement over his ears.

And yes, it was him at the end of the video speaking, even if it’s just one or two words. We don’t even remember.


Flashback Convo:

“Is that Jay Park? That looks like Jay Park.”
”Yeah he even does that foot thing when his legs are up like Jay Park.”
”I think it’s Jay Park. Look at his hair.”
”He even has his hat over his ears like him.”
”Look at his ears.”

– One Minute Later –

unison: “OH!! THAT IS JAY PARK!!!”

“It’s really sad that we could tell by his style.”

B-boys start at 2:50.

Defining Terms


U-Know Yunho: noun. the very suave boss of a very classy group of men.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

This definition is based on the following conversation, held between the hours of 11:47:16 PM and 11:50:43 PM on April 16th, 2011:

Sueñoteamor: Now U-KNOW is not someone I would expect that kind of bass out of, but when he does it, the sound makes him seem… professional?
Ppeogigayo: I know! I thought Yuchun would be the bass but nooooooo.
Sueñoteamor: And U-Know is just so suave.
Sueñoteamor: …so suave.
Ppeogigayo: He is a boss
Sueñoteamor: Such a classy man
Sueñoteamor: He’s the very suave boss of a very classy group of men
Ppeogigayo: lol That is the definition of Yunho.
Sueñoteamor: I had to use it all in one sentence.
We should put it on urbandictionary
…or wordpress
Ppeogigayo: I feel like onew is the retarded version of him. Like a very subtle leader, but not so suave

This is true boredom. We’ve been re-watching the “HAHAHA” campaign.


(Obviously, the image credits itself.)