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Musician, coffee addict, chicken addict, writer, literary analyst, and trying to kill my stomach's Min/Food tendencies as of late. I also like making Ppeogigayo admit she has a girl side.

Defining Terms: Summer Shock


summer shock: (noun) 1. The overwhelming feeling of boredom experienced between 1-4 days after  commencement of any significantly long break. 2.  The realization that there remains nothing of interest in one’s hometown. 3. The inability to process the absence of schoolwork during a break.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

It’s like Physics…


I was pretty damn sure this semester that I was just stupid. My mind just could not encompass the secrets and overarching themes of music theory, but alas! I may not merely have such a disposition! After last year’s physics fiasco, I’ve decided to be lighter on my teachers rather than…well, a bitch; however, I’ve been much too lenient it seems, only blaming myself for this.

While filling out teacher evaluations last week, it turns out my whole class hates him as a teacher. He tangents to unrelated subjects, provides unclear explanations when questions arise or circumvents them entirely, and does not clear up matters very well, even in office hours (I’ve learned that one first had as well).

So, maybe I’m not so dumb. I’m not blaming this man entirely for my lack of grace, but he definitely didn’t help. Let’s just say, it’s entirely logical for my young mind to say it’s better that “He’s a bad teacher and I’m stupid” rather than “I’m stupid.”

But let me just say this now…


…I hope my counselor never sees this. We’re working on me NOT basing my self-worth on grades… oops…

In other news: the last time I left my counselor’s office, he said he was going to Google TVXQ and JYJ.

Oh dear gods, what have I done? What if he sees “Triangle”?! What if he sees “Ayy Girl”?! What if he sees those awful silver stripper suits from “T” tour?!

Mother F***ing Coffee, Hoe


Only three cups of coffee in and I understand that I must be depressed, because I am so far gone. My caffeine tolerance should be so much higher than this. Then again, I never ate dinner, and someone *COUGH PPEO COUGH* went to trivia and ate a ton of mac’n cheese without bringing any back for me, and these are some giant ass cups of coffee. Not even the amount of delicious Sudamericano roast I have consumed can quell my hunger either. Out with the ramen! Yes, ramen at midnight and a half. If I’m still hungry, I swear I’m ordering Jimmy John’s. And there is still homework left to complete. Oh, dictation is just my favorite thing to do. And SS/ET is, of course, the most excitingly entertaining class ever! Let’s just all sing everything that was never meant for voice in numbers, then listen to things six times hoping to god that you wrote down that first pitch correctly or you’re screwed, because the rest will be wrong. There is no partial credit for correct intervals in the rest of the dictation if you mess up the first pitch, you know. And that light at the end of the tunnel? There is none, since there is another two semesters of this, but when that sweet day comes…oh yes, I’m going to remove Smartmusic from my computer ever so painfully. Forget about the uninstall file – I will gleefully delete every piece of that program from my hard drive by hand, and deactivate my account with the website. Until then, however, I can only dream of ridding myself of the most irritating subjects in my curriculum. This is not to say I do not understand the value. No, I am not so base. Of course, sight singing and ear training is crucial to a proper music education, yet this should never lead one to believe that I would like these classes. I can hate whatever I like. and very few things indeed can I say I hate, but at this moment, my two core classes fall into this list: theory and SS/ET. Call me a terrible student, even a terrible musician if you will. I am unfazed. If you’d like to note, I have not even included a paragraph space yet – something so far off of my general behavior. Organization remains a priority in life, yet in this manic state of caffeinated insomnia, I care not. I give no fucks. I even lack the appreciation that this temporary mood removes me from the general hypersomnia I have been facing these months.

This message has been brought to you by – The Night Sueño Cares Not if the Rant is Entertaining, and Employs the Word “Care” Too Much

Defining Terms: Kim Hyun Junicorn


Kim Hyun Junicorn: noun. 1. A derivation of the name Kim Hyun Joong due to a false memory of the beginning of the drama Playful Kiss. 2. Neither man nor unicorn, but both simultaneously. 3. A magical being able to sing, act, and fake the violin terribly while sporting equally terrible hair and playing stoic characters. 4. A man so charming that one cannot believe he is human and must compare him to a mystical being.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

Defining Terms: Yoohwan


Yoohwan: noun (proper). origin – South Korea 1. Full name, Park Yoohwan. A rookie actor known for his roles in teledramas such as Sparkling and Gye Baek. 2. Younger brother of singer Park Yoochun. 3. One carrying a nickname so similar to that of a sibling’s that only one letter may be different. 4. One who so gracefully straddles the line between cute and sexy that the ovaries are tormented indefinitely. 5. The most masculine combination of glitter and a wifebeater to ever grace Elle Magazine Korea. 6. One who retains a High Cut photoshoot so strikingly similar to an older sibling that one must debate who did it better. 7. That stupidly sexy little fuck that sporadically plagues the Tumblr dashboard without warning.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

Oh and you guys thought it was gonna be something dirty... tsk, tsk.

Defining Terms: Momo


Momo: noun (proper). 1. a self-proclaimed engineering exchange student with a secret identity. Actually a North Korean spy on the run. 2. a character with an overly cute name and an overly sexy body. 3. the Japanese equivalent of peach 4. when the personality and name are so far apart and the name is so cute and the abs are so nice and the name is so cute and the personality is so definitively snarky that it’s almost a little dirty to have a name like that. Scratch that, is dirty to have a name like that since he’s being played by Shim fucking Changmin, the king of sass and sexy long ass legs, and that character name just makes him seem so kinky the things you want to do to him are inconceivable 5. a dumpling native to the regions of Tibet and Nepal.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

oh my god, I should have said something about his terrible hair though

Falling off the Face of the Earth and Other Silly Things


Alright, Alright. So we had a bit of an unannounced hiatus. Who hasn’t?! WHO HASN’T?!

Fine. Sorry.


That was my daily catharsis.  And I really do apologize for our general absence since beginning college, but this is second semester, and, though I didn’t make it a New Year’s Resolution, I hereby declare my dedication to blogging! Between classes, late nights, even in the practice rooms if I suddenly have a writing spark. The blogging will happen!

…The only problem is that neither of us will be taking Physics until fall, so there won’t be any physics rants until then. Oh well, we can do Physics in Retrospect!