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Defining Terms: Emoshinki


Emoshinki: (noun) (“emoshinkiing v.) 1. The waterfall of feels bursting forth from the dam of stoic facade upon viewing poignant OT5 or currently apart OTPs videos, images, songs, etc. 2. A completely legitimate way to aid exam preparations, through cathartic and depressing emotional exposures which ensure sleepless nights and increased study productivity. 3. The deepest depressions of life, or what happens during these periods. 4. THIS 5. The exact feelings upon watching this video or listening to any version of the song.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

Defining Terms: Momo


Momo: noun (proper). 1. a self-proclaimed engineering exchange student with a secret identity. Actually a North Korean spy on the run. 2. a character with an overly cute name and an overly sexy body. 3. the Japanese equivalent of peach 4. when the personality and name are so far apart and the name is so cute and the abs are so nice and the name is so cute and the personality is so definitively snarky that it’s almost a little dirty to have a name like that. Scratch that, is dirty to have a name like that since he’s being played by Shim fucking Changmin, the king of sass and sexy long ass legs, and that character name just makes him seem so kinky the things you want to do to him are inconceivable 5. a dumpling native to the regions of Tibet and Nepal.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

oh my god, I should have said something about his terrible hair though

Oh Shisus, More Evidence.


A few hours after “Defining Terms: Yunjae Edition” was posted, this sprung up.

“Yunjae” has officially conquered over 50% of the TVXQ goods on Fyzzed. This is as of the last post of course.

I love this site and its goods, no joke, and I almost died when I saw all the products with “Keep Calm and Ship Yunjae.” All I could think was “Y WE NO SEE THIS HALF HOUR AGO?!”

Defining Terms


U-Know Yunho: noun. the very suave boss of a very classy group of men.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

This definition is based on the following conversation, held between the hours of 11:47:16 PM and 11:50:43 PM on April 16th, 2011:

Sueñoteamor: Now U-KNOW is not someone I would expect that kind of bass out of, but when he does it, the sound makes him seem… professional?
Ppeogigayo: I know! I thought Yuchun would be the bass but nooooooo.
Sueñoteamor: And U-Know is just so suave.
Sueñoteamor: …so suave.
Ppeogigayo: He is a boss
Sueñoteamor: Such a classy man
Sueñoteamor: He’s the very suave boss of a very classy group of men
Ppeogigayo: lol That is the definition of Yunho.
Sueñoteamor: I had to use it all in one sentence.
We should put it on urbandictionary
…or wordpress
Ppeogigayo: I feel like onew is the retarded version of him. Like a very subtle leader, but not so suave

This is true boredom. We’ve been re-watching the “HAHAHA” campaign.


(Obviously, the image credits itself.)