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Defining Terms: Yoohwan


Yoohwan: noun (proper). origin – South Korea 1. Full name, Park Yoohwan. A rookie actor known for his roles in teledramas such as Sparkling and Gye Baek. 2. Younger brother of singer Park Yoochun. 3. One carrying a nickname so similar to that of a sibling’s that only one letter may be different. 4. One who so gracefully straddles the line between cute and sexy that the ovaries are tormented indefinitely. 5. The most masculine combination of glitter and a wifebeater to ever grace Elle Magazine Korea. 6. One who retains a High Cut photoshoot so strikingly similar to an older sibling that one must debate who did it better. 7. That stupidly sexy little fuck that sporadically plagues the Tumblr dashboard without warning.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.

Oh and you guys thought it was gonna be something dirty... tsk, tsk.