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Aish, This Again (JYJ and N7W)


Obviously people have seen the constant arguing and fan uprising over the “N7W” cancellation (Allkpop has been spamming it like crazy). No shit, that was a bitch move. Yes, I agree that JYJ is and has been getting cockblocked from television. No, I do not believe that SNSD or f(x) is at fault; they don’t book their own damn shows.

However, what I do not understand is how a professional entity such as a television station cannot create any better explanation of why cancellations exist.

“We received a call on July 15th that SNSD and f(x), who were the initial ambassadors chosen for the program, were eventually able to adjust their schedules for our promotional event.” – KBS

Alright, that could be a legitimate statement, but why did no one seem to know about this beforehand? If those two groups were the initial ambassadors, that means they were confirmed prior to any scheduling conflicts. If so, why was it not publicized? In no time at all after JYJ’s confirmation was the news flocking the internet.

Also, while the performance was cancelled, it seems that KBS has made no ruling about JYJ’s actual position as ambassadors for JeJu island (correct me if I’m wrong). No statement has been issued as to whether or not the group still retains that position or whether that has also been revoked. If it hasn’t, then a performance cancellation is entirely illogical, as a benefit without the “declared official ambassadors” present at the event makes no sense. It’s like trying to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal without Park Yoochun. Read the rest of this entry