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Defining Terms: Kim Hyun Junicorn


Kim Hyun Junicorn: noun. 1. A derivation of the name Kim Hyun Joong due to a false memory of the beginning of the drama Playful Kiss. 2. Neither man nor unicorn, but both simultaneously. 3. A magical being able to sing, act, and fake the violin terribly while sporting equally terrible hair and playing stoic characters. 4. A man so charming that one cannot believe he is human and must compare him to a mystical being.

fromĀ The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.


How (not) to learn Photoshop


So Sueno convinced me to watch Playful Kiss. I was fervently against the idea of watching a romantic drama, but she told me that Kim Hyun Joong turns into a unicorn in the beginning so I was excited. Then I was let down that he only became a horse. I wanted The Last Unicorn with Baek Seung Jo’s face, but c’est la vie.

Sueno also at one point sequestered my computer to put CS4 on it. I decided I wanted to learn Photoshop. I like Pokemon. This combination, along with my sudden infatuation with Playful Kiss, resulted in this monster of a gif.

This is a completely legitimate way to learn Photoshop. Don’t look at me like that. Bastardizing Pokemon gifs is an acceptable use of time in my book.

(wordpress makes this gif look so jumpy and ugly /sigh )