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Before U Boys Kill Me


Ppeogigayo and I have a problem lately. Not Chicken (see “The Addiction”), but the live Music Bank version of “Before U Go” with that whole “SLOW DOWN” section. Damn. All we’ve come up with for a description is “Oh baby,” “classy+primal=TVXQ” (technically a working definition for TVXQ), and “Dear god, these two have absolutely succeeded in making any girl that watches them want to be in their beds.”

(Anything else we’ve said is slightly less appropriate than the above statements, including “Max Changmin obviously didn’t invent the pelvic thrust, but he has succeeded in mastering it.”)

I feel so horrible now, a whole different kind of horrible than watching the “Rising Sun” performance the other day :’(, since we seem like such creepers on these two men. In our defense, we did not ask for such a testosterone filled performance and extended dance break, though we were thankful for it.

I can’t even go on about this anymore without getting the undeniable urge to rewatch it in 1080p, and drool over the… extreme musical prowess of two highly refined vocalists (Okay, even Changmin/Yunho belting and the BRILLIANT GLISS are eargasm worthy, so it’s not a lie!).

Ah! I’ve found the perfect definition: NOM NOM NOM (Excluding the awkward background dancers) ;D

P.S. Sorry if you think we’re freaks now, but you were warned.