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You know you’re a Jaywalker when…


You see a video by Victor Kim of a world b-boy championship in Seoul and spot Jay Park from behind by nothing more than the way he moves his feet while in the heat of battle b-boying. Then decide that it’s him afterwards based on his cap placement over his ears.

And yes, it was him at the end of the video speaking, even if it’s just one or two words. We don’t even remember.


Flashback Convo:

“Is that Jay Park? That looks like Jay Park.”
”Yeah he even does that foot thing when his legs are up like Jay Park.”
”I think it’s Jay Park. Look at his hair.”
”He even has his hat over his ears like him.”
”Look at his ears.”

– One Minute Later –

unison: “OH!! THAT IS JAY PARK!!!”

“It’s really sad that we could tell by his style.”

B-boys start at 2:50.