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We Should Not be Allowed to Watch


*While watching Jaejoong solo on the 3rd Asia Live Tour: Mirotic DVD*

Me: How can he even control vibrato like that? I just don’t understand how he can have that many vibratos.

Ppeo: I bet Jae’s management of his multiple vibratos sure makes Yunho happy.

Me: . . . That is seriously the best blowjob reference I have ever heard.

*uncontrollable laughter ensues*

Oh Shisus, More Evidence.


A few hours after “Defining Terms: Yunjae Edition” was posted, this sprung up.

“Yunjae” has officially conquered over 50% of the TVXQ goods on Fyzzed. This is as of the last post of course.

I love this site and its goods, no joke, and I almost died when I saw all the products with “Keep Calm and Ship Yunjae.” All I could think was “Y WE NO SEE THIS HALF HOUR AGO?!”

Defining Terms: Yunjae Edition


When your couple fandom outlives the rather controversial breakup of the band… you know you’ve crossed the line between bromance and romance.


Yunjae: noun (-ing, verb). the relationship between two very attractive and famous males that transcended friendship, membership and brotherhood into something more gratuitous than mere fanservice; such a relationship can and has, at least in the eyes in shippers, survived a messy band breakup. Instances include, but are by far not limited to, ass groping on multiple occasions, copious references to innumerable fanfictions and photoshop jobs including said males, and very blatant touching in inappropriate places, even in public, on camera, and over cockblocking maknaes.

from The Initial Dictionary of Macronomy, 2nd. Ed.